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Stojanovich Family Park
An exciting new park in Campbell California. 

What is now the center of legendary Silicone Valley, this area was once known as      "The Valley of Heart's Delight", covered with fruit trees as far as the eye could see. 
After a year of gathering historic photos, ephemera, and community feedback, the designs have now been approved and the signs are now in the fabrication phase. 
They will be installed in time for the park's grand opening in November. 

Anna Stojanovich
donated valuable land in the
heart of the city to create a 
new park celebrating the
history of the area and bringing it into contemporary
life as a park.
The land had been
in her family for generations
as part of the fruit business.
In conjunction with Callander Associates Landscape Architects, I was commissioned to create
a series of unique and artistic
interpretive signs specially designed for children. 

And they're off! We finally wrapped up this project, and shipped out 5 signs and a play can feature yesterday, on 11/8/11
Ed Arango at the City of Campbell has promised he will take photos. I am really looking forward to seeing them.