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Desert Spirits, new McDonalds Oro Valley AZ
Mc Donalds wanted a very classic Southwest design to complement the new restaurant in  Oro Valley Arizona. I worked with them through three designs to find just the right look.

The artwork is inspired by Hohokam petroglyphs and pottery designs at local sites including Honeybee Ridge.                      
Petroglyphs provided great inspiration for this timeless piece. Now that the work has been cut and shaped, I am excited to see that photos of the work lying on a tarp really does resemble a cave or wall with petroglyphs on it!
Seeing the work like this is inspiration for 
further sculptures and paintings. 
sculptures by Rachel Slick
The sculpture is finally installed at the site.
Because of the city's art requirements, it
had to be installed early because of a permit

The tough exterior coatings should protect it
until the building is complete.