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About the Artist
After becoming disabled in 2012 from a neurological disorder, Rachel Slick vastly reduced her career in large scale Public Art. While financially and creatively devastating, the changes brought unexpected joys, too. Rachel returned to a long time love of ceramics. She sought and found healing in the imagery of the desert. 
Her focus is a contemporary interpretation of traditional arts of the Southwest. As a person of mixed ancestry, Rachel is fascinated by how traditional themes and archetypes change and relate to our modern world. She is represented by Wilde Meyer Gallery in Tucson, and always open to representation in other states.  please contact her at rachelbslick@yahoo.com
The artist Rachel Slick at Ted De Grazia's Guadalupe Chapel, Tucson Az 2014
Milagros, Angels, Demons and Calaveras 
Miracle Charms have been used since the 5th century, imploring divine aid from saints and guardians or giving thanks. In this contemporary rendition, the milagro remains a heartfelt object of gratitude as well as a modern meditation of the meeting place between spirit and the body. 
Familia Calaca,  Florita,  Mermaid's Hand, Pomona and her Golden Apple Mermaid's Hand H
Angels and Demons
If you keep an angel or a demon in your home and treat it well, they will work to keep you safe, and repel negative forces that try to enter. 
The Dance of Life and Death, painted sculpture
Commissions: Many clients have asked me to create a special  piece in honor of a loved one who has passed on to the Spirit world. Most frequently, these requests honor a family member, lover or friend, or pet. It is my deep honor to be able to use my skills to create a memorial piece. please contact me at rachelbslick@yahoo.com to discuss such a memorial. Below are examples of memorial commissions. 
Angelito, spirit guide for cats                                                          Francisco, the stardog

Dia de los Muertos
When the earth turns away from the sun and we enter the dark part of the year, the spirits of the dead return to us to celebrate, feast, and remember. The scent and glow of their favorite flower, the marigold,guides them through the thinning veil. Flickering candle light beckons, and the sound of old boleros and children's laughter help the dead find their families. It is a time of celebration and transformation. 

Skull forms used during Dia de los Muertos to help the dead recognize us and express the magic of transformation. Flowers, vines, fruits and insects on the calaveras express that transformation from living flesh to pure spirit. 
Las Dolores; Our Lady of Suffering                                 Paz Lupe
Mama de Todos