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Cactus Flower Retablos

The retablo is a traditional Hispanic form of art that is used to give thanks for something or entreat a saint to help the creator of the art in some way. 

My retablos are traditional in a sense, but also contemporary in that I am creating them to give thanks and celebrate the flora and fauna of the Southwest. 

The Retablos are created in a box format, basically a shallow box with layered painted wood cut out shapes. Elements of the art are inside the box, on the outside of the frame, and extending beyond the frame. 

​My newest works 
(at the top) are an attempt to loosen up
my style. 
Pinks for the Cactus Wren
Moths confused by the Brilliance of the Night Blooming Saguaro
Desert Nativity
Older Works
These Cactus Flower Retablos are stiffer and more
shape oriented. Lately I have been trying to loosen up my style somewhat, as can be seen with the retablos above these. 

                                                                   NIGHT FLIGHT OVER THE MOJAVE
                                      COWTONGUE  AND  BEAVERTAIL