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A project commissioned by the city of Loma Linda in California and funded by the EPA to restore San Timoteo Creek to its original natural beauty. 

The images below are the interpretive signs they commissioned me to create celebrating their bird and plant population. 

Signs are finished and off to Loma Linda!  I'm very happy with the way they turned out, especially the beautiful framing and assemblage by Timothy (!) Schirack
Hydrologic Cycle
San Timoteo Creek
Signs are all about 36"x24", and are cut from Corten Steel, a material that creates a natural rusty looking patina. Outdoor fiberglass photo panels provide details of birds and plants. 
San Timoteo

is the patron saint of

Detail of sign, the beautiful developing rusty patina of 
corten steel. 
Native Birds sign, willow influenced by Jane Sassaman, a very talented quilt artist
sculptures by Rachel Slick