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Travelling with the Family

One of the great benefits of being self employed is being able to bring my family with me when I travel. 

My husband Tim is essential to the installation of each sculpture, and therefore our children must also come with us.

I think my kids are getting a wonderful perspective on life by seeing their parents travelling the nation (someday the world?) to install our artwork.
Every time we travel somewhere to install a work of art, we try to see more of the city or region, both to appreciate the community that has selected us to contribute our art and also to put more money back into that community with our own tourist activities.  

Below are photos of some of the memorable locations we have visited.

Barcelona, Parque Guell
On the Staten Island Ferry, NYC
My son in Central Park, NYC
Husband and two sons, Highline Park, NYC
My son at Highline Park, NYC, following installation
of Tree of Life; Tower of Strength in Pomona NY. 
Tim, sons, and mother in law, Santa Barbara CA, during installation of "Into the Blue, Santa Clarita CA
LEGOLAND!!!!!!!!!!!! on the way home from mural installation
Historic Mission at Santa Barbara CA
My son's 5th birthday in Durango CO, during installation of "The Reading Tree" for Durango's Children's reading room at public library. 
Ted De Grazia's place, Tucson AZ during installation of
"Tucson Totems"
Historic Ranch at Salmon Ruins, site of many Aztec ruins near Farmington NM
Chicago, heading to the art museum
Explaining the sculpture to baby Leo in Pomona NY
Son Milo supervising installation of "Swift Crossing" 
Mountainview CA
Eldon P Slick (my dad) supervising installation of our sculpture San Diego Embarcadero
Eldon Slick (my dad) and Timothy Schirack (my husband) installing ToLToS Pomona NY