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W H A T ' S   H A P P E N I N G   I N   T H E   S T U D I O ?
Wilde Meyer Gallery in Scottsdale and Tucson's annual Divine Bovine show is coming up. This year I was inspired to create both bovine bones and beautiful faces as I contemplate the unique structure of these peaceful prairie beasts. The bone pieces are made from porcelain. For the "living" bovines, I am using a medium body red clay that looks like creamy milk chocolate in it's wet phase. 
There's a lot of preparation happening right now for the busy winter season in the desert. 

I will be exhibiting the small piece to the right, La Mano, in Galleria Senita's Loteria de Tucson. 54 artists each drew one Loteria card from a pot, and were asked to create a contemporary version of their number. This will happen in September. It's a neat little gallery with a wonderful shop of vintage Mexican items next door. Bound to be a fun time at the show. 

The large snake piece, below, has travelled to 29Palms to be in the Joshua Tree National Park Centennial Celebration. The piece depicts a dream where I was flying over the Mojave Desert at night. I could see the giant snakes holding the world together,and the reflection of the moon and stars in the still waters below. It was an amazing dream and took me 7 years to get it right in paint and paper from the tme I dreamed it. 

My oldest son and I also recently participated in a performance art piece for our own Saguaro National Park Centennial. It was called Saguaro Ball, and was conceived and led by Kimi Eisele. About 60 people rose before dawn and, dressed in formal dance attire, met in a remote spot at 5 AM. Vintage music from 1916 playing, we each chose a glorious saguaro as our dance partner. I will link the videos once they become available. 

I will be contributing several dia de los muertos pieces to Wilde Meyer Gallery, who continuously supports and exhibits my work. 

My Residency at De Grazia Gallery in the Sun will open with an evening party on Nov 19. I expect to be creating, exhibiting and selling works inspired by his incredible cactus gardens during my two week stay. 

Lastly, I have begun making small items of jewelry from my collection of charms, Milagros, and bits and pieces of my hand painted papers. For now, They will be sold at the Y Galleria, and eventually online as well, if sales inspire me to make more .  

Please contact me at with ay questions. 

8 Foot Tall Crested Saguaro Sculpture
Saguaro Ball, Photo by Andrew Brown
La Mano, #21